The Best Has Not Yet Been Served

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Ephesians 3:20 AMP/NKJV/CEV

Now to Him Who, by the power that is at work within us, is able to do exceedingly, superabundantly, far above and beyond all that we dare ask or think or imagine or dream.

What a wonderful and powerful promise we have in our God. He is able to accomplish for us above and beyond what we request of Him. Your thoughts and imagination of a successful future, a joyous family or an abundant life, God is able to give you infinitely more. Your dreams of a fulfilling life and a growing church, God is able to grant you superabundantly!

How do we receive all these wondrous works of God? Ephesians 3:20 tells us, “by the power that is at work within us”. When we open our life to God and allow His Holy Spirit to work in us, God’s promise of such miracles unfolds in our life.

Jesus has performed countless miracles in His ministry. Do you know what the first miracle is that Jesus performed?

This is recorded in the Bible in John 2:1-11. We read that Jesus is invited to a wedding feast. When he arrives at the banquet, the hosts have run out of wine for their guests. I can imagine the wedding planner in a fluster, trying to resolve such an embarrassing and humiliating situation. The servants may be wondering if they need to run to the nearest store to get more wine. The groom and bride must also be worried about bursting their budget!

At this point, does Jesus leave since during those days, a wedding party is not complete without wine? No, Jesus does not do that. Jesus never leaves a party to which He is invited! Instead, Jesus instructs the servants to fill six huge stone waterpots with water. Though they must be perplexed, the servants fill the pots up to the brim. Then, Jesus tells them to draw out some water and take it to the man in charge of the feast. Now, if I were one of the servants, I will grow from being perplexed to fearful. Take water to the head of the feast and let him taste it? He is expecting wine! What I have drawn out is water, isn’t it!

But in John 2:8, it tells us, …The servants did as Jesus told them.”

The master of the feast tastes what the servants give him, and he is so impressed by the wine that he tells the bridegroom, “The best wine is always served first. Then after the guests have had plenty, the poorer wine is served. But you have kept the best until last!” (John 2:10)

What a miracle! This is truly God doing exceedingly, superabundantly above and beyond what His people imagine. I think the hosts and servants are hoping just for wine, any wine, to be served to the guests. But Jesus provides for them the best wine!

Is there a miracle you are waiting for God to grant you? He is ever-ready, ever-able and ever-willing to grant it to you. But, have you invited Jesus into your life? Jesus is able to perform that first miracle because He has been invited to the wedding party. Today, if you have not invited and received Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior, Jesus is calling out to you. Jesus loves you and wants to bless you superabundantly.

You already are a believer and follower of Christ? You must continue to invite Jesus into your life on a daily basis. Go to Him daily in prayer and worship. Go to His Word daily. And let Jesus be the Master and ruler of how you work, study, think, speak, act and behave each day.

We need to invite Jesus’ presence into our life to allow Him room to turn our water into wine.

God is able to bless you exceedingly more than what your finite mind can imagine. Jesus wants us to fill our heart and mind with the Word of God, just like how He instructs the servants to fill the waterpots with water. Jesus is able to turn water into wine because the servants follow His instruction. Be like the servants who obey and fill the pots to the brim. Soak and immerse ourselves in the Word of God. Read the Bible. Meditate on the passages. Pray according to the Scripture. Fill our life up with the Word of God. To the brim.

I think the real test to the servants is when they are instructed to draw out water from the waterpot for the master of the feast to taste. If they bail out at this point for fear of being reprimanded for serving water, they will not be able to see the miracle of water being turned into wine. Not only that, all the guests at the wedding party will not have a chance to taste the sweet fine wine.

Jesus’ first miracle is completed only at the point when the servants begin to serve the water from the pot. Your miracle is fulfilled when you begin to share the Gospel with others and teach others God’s Word. And other people’s miracles are also fulfilled through you – where their lives are touched and won for Christ. They get to taste the best wine ever.

God is waiting to bless you exceedingly, superabundantly above what you ask, think, imagine and dream. Invite Jesus into your life every day. Have faith in God and do what He tells you. Fill yourself up with God’s Word. And, serve every person around you with God’s love and Word.

Let us pray.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You that You love me so much that You will never leave me nor forsake me. I thank You that with You in my life, my need is always met, my difficulty resolved and my struggle overcome. And I thank You that Your provision, solution and victory are exceedingly, superabundantly above and beyond my imagination! I invite You into my life this day, and every day. You are my Lord and King. Come and reign in my life. Teach me how I should use my time, energy, talent and finances every day. And I follow Your teaching. I give my life over for Your use and purpose, O God. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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