Jehovah Nissi, My Banner of Victory

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Exodus 17:15 NLT

Moses built an altar there and named it Yahweh-nissi (which means “the LORD is my Banner”).

Further Study: Exodus 17:8-16 [NLT]; 2 Chronicles 20:17 [NLT]; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 [NLT]

A flag represents the identity of a Nation and it signifies who the people are as a Nation. A nation’s flag symbolizes the country’s personality. During sporting events such as the South East Asian Games and the Olympic Games, the flags of the nations of the three medalists for each competition are raised, with the gold medalist’s country’s flag raised the highest. The importance of a flag or banner is to mark victory.

In the earlier years, the conquering army in battles has every right to remove the flag of the defeated army and replace it with their own, usually at the highest point, visible to all. This signifies victory and success. It indicates that the conquering army has won and is now in control.

The Bible passage in Exodus 17:8-15 describes a battle that was uniquely fought. GOD revealed Himself in this battle as Jehovah Nissi, The LORD is My Banner. The enemy of the Israelites came to them while they were wandering in the wilderness. The warriors of the Amalek attacked the Israelites. While Joshua led his men to the battle, Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of a nearby hill. And as Moses lifted his hands with the rod of God, Joshua and his men prevailed. But when he let his hands down, the Amalekites prevailed. Therefore, Aaron and Hur stood on each side of Moses, supporting his hands. Because of this, Joshua overcame the army of Amalek and won the battle.

Moses erected an altar and named it Jehovah Nissi, The LORD is My Banner. In the Septuagint, or the Greek translation of The Old Testament, Jehovah Nissi is translated as “The LORD is My Refuge”. Indeed GOD is our Refuge, our Banner and our Victory. He is the One who wins our battles. GOD is the One who leads us to victories. It is GOD who fights our battles and the victories belong to our Jehovah Nissi. We need to follow His instructions, surrender ourselves to Him and pray unceasingly. Some battles can be very tough and challenging. They can drain away much of our energy. However, always fix our eyes on the Banner of Victory, our Jehovah Nissi. Trust that He will secure our victories. GOD will defeat our enemies and replace their flags with His.

What battles are you fighting now? Sickness? Financial lack? Broken relationships? Poor self-concept? Career threats? The list can go on. Whatever the battles you are in now, trust that GOD, our Jehovah Nissi is the Victor who can overcome your enemies. We can depend on Jehovah Nissi to fight our battles when we surrender ourselves to Him in obedience and pray persistently. We must not give up but pray constantly.

When we are tired, remember that there are brothers and sisters in Christ whom we can approach to help us and support us in prayers. You and I are never alone in this battle. We have Jehovah Nissi who will never leave nor forsake us. His victories are for those who trust and believe in Him. And when we have overcome our battles, we have all the right to replace our enemies’ flags with the flag of our GOD.

 Let’s pray.

“Dear GOD, thank You for being my Jehovah Nissi, the LORD my Banner. I am confident that I can overcome all the battles in life. I want to surrender now the battle I am trying to fight with my own strength to You. I trust in You and know that You will fight my battle for me and I commit to pray unceasingly like Moses. I am not giving up and I am looking to You for victories. Thank You, GOD. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”


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