Here I am, Send me!

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Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”

Throughout the Bible there are many incidents of God giving His chosen people a call to do His work and be His messenger. Today, let us look at the three common types of responses from God’s chosen people.

The first type of response is exemplified by Moses in Exodus 3. The Israelites were under oppression in Egypt and God heard their cry for deliverance. He appeared to Moses and called him to be the instrument to lead the Israelites out of slavery and into the Promised Land. However, Moses’ initial reaction was: “…why me?”

The next example is from Jonah 1. God called Jonah to preach to the city of Nineveh as the people’s ways were wicked and evil. Instead of taking up the call, Jonah fled from God! Jonah gave a “not me” response.

Lastly, in Isaiah 6, we read that prophet Isaiah received a call from God. He saw a vision of God and heard His voice. God was looking for someone to be sent out and to go for Him. Immediately, Isaiah said in Isaiah 6:8: “…Here I am, send me!” When Isaiah heard the call from God, there was no hesitation. Isaiah readily accepted the call from God to do His work, with great excitement and zeal.

God has chosen and is calling every single one of us. He is calling us to live out the Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20, to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching them everything God has commanded. God has also given us the Great Commandment in Matthew 22:37-39, to love God with our heart, soul and strength, and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

These are the call and commandment from God. What is your current response to God’s calling for you? Which character of the Bible do you exemplify? Is it Moses, Jonah or Isaiah?

Moses questioned God about choosing him to deliver the people. Despite being one of the most educated people in Egypt, he was afraid that he would not be able to speak well enough. But God said in Exodus 3:12, “I’ll be with you…” If you identify with Moses, fear not, because God is with you. As you are making disciples, as you are teaching God’s word, as you are evangelizing, God is with you. In Matthew 28:20, after Jesus gave us the Great Commission, He ended with: “… I am with you till the end of age.”

God’s call for Moses is to lead God’s people out of slavery. God is calling you to lead the people around you, out of slavery. Perhaps the people are slaves to an unhealthy relationship, slaves to money due to their debts, or even slaves to their past! God is calling you and is waiting for you to be the one who says: “Here I am, send me”.

Initially Jonah ran away from God. He fled in the opposite direction from where God is calling him to. God loves all mankind. He loves them, but He cannot tolerate their wicked ways and sin. He called Jonah to be the one to preach to them. When Jonah finally obeyed and yielded himself to be sent by God, the people of Nineveh changed. The change was witnessed in Jonah 3:5 “The people of Nineveh listened, and trusted God. They proclaimed a citywide fast and dressed in burlap to show their repentance. Everyone did it – rich and poor, famous and obscure, leaders and followers.” Ultimately in Jonah 3:10, God forgave the people and became pleased with them. Perhaps there are people in your life who lead a sinful lifestyle, or people who have yet to know God or Christians who are not obeying the word of God. Now, God is calling you to go and preach to them. God is calling you to obey and say to Him: “Here I am, send me!”

Whether you identify with Moses, Jonah or Isaiah, know that ultimately all of them obeyed God and exhibited the “Here I am, send me” attitude. Regardless of your circumstance, feelings and thought, I encourage you to put all of those down and say to the Lord, “Here I am, send me!” Come let us pray.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word. Search my heart, Oh Lord. Those areas of my heart and my life that doubt or run away from You, I confess them to You right now. I ask and seek Your forgiveness. I surrender my life and commit to yield to You. I throw away every excuse I may have when it comes to the call You have for me. Here I am, send me! Send me to do Your works, to evangelize and disciple. In Jesus Name I pray, AMEN!”


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