An Action-Packed Life

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John 1:40-42 NLT
40 Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, was one of these men who HEARD what John said then FOLLOWED Jesus.
41 Andrew WENT to FIND his brother, Simon, and TOLD him, “We have found the Messiah.”
42 Then Andrew BROUGHT Simon to meet Jesus…
(emphasis mine)

These verses in the Gospel of John tell us that Andrew hears John the Baptist testifying that Jesus is the Son of God, and Andrew makes the decision to follow Jesus.

The next thing we find Andrew doing after following Jesus, is to find his brother, Simon, to tell him that he has found the Messiah, and brings him to meet Jesus.

Something strikes me as I read and ponder over these few verses. They are many verbs in there. These short three verses are packed with actions by Andrew. And the Scripture seems to suggest the actions take place one after another with no hesitation from Andrew, like this is a natural and obvious course of action.

This Bible passage is part of an account describing the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry on earth, and the first disciples, or the first converts. This holds special significance to me especially in this season as our church at River focuses on being UNITED where U N I Together Evangelize and Disciple. It teaches me that a true follower of Jesus never hesitates to go and find someone to tell about the Good News of Jesus Christ. The joy of salvation overwhelms the heart of a true disciple of Jesus that his life purpose now is to tell the world that Jesus is the Son of the Living God.

I cannot help but to pause and think about myself. Is the joy of salvation still overflowing in me all the time? Do I willingly and readily go and find someone to tell him or her Jesus is our Savior? Do I go about my everyday life driven by the Kingdom purpose of evangelizing and discipling?

To all believers of Christ out there, I think these are three questions that are worthy of our regular reflection.

In my reflection, I am reminded that we must always go back to the Cross and fix our eyes on the love and finished works of Jesus. We ought to always go to the Word of God to keep the joy of salvation aflame in us. The living Word of God will deepen our knowledge and understanding of God’s love and this love will compel us to constantly go and find someone every day to tell him or her about Jesus.

God does not want us to stop at telling someone Jesus is Savior of the world. We must also bring the person to meet Jesus, like Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus (John 1:42). But how do we bring someone to meet Jesus when we do not have Him physically by our side as Andrew did? Share with the person what the Bible tells us about God’s love. Point to him specific verses in the Bible that tell us that all of us are separated from God and in need of salvation through Jesus. Bring the person to church to experience God’s goodness and power.

Let our lives as followers of Christ be purpose-driven and action-packed. Like Andrew in John 1, go, find someone, tell the Good News and bring the person to receive Jesus. And we do not stop here. We must go on to teach the new believers of Christ to live out the Kingdom purpose of making disciples of all nations.

Are you beginning to think that you are too busy for all these because of your career, studies or family? God is saying, as you go to work, go and find a co-worker in the office to tell the Good News to; as you go to school, go and find a schoolmate to share the Gospel with; and at home, talk about the love of Jesus and invite a family member to church.

Can you imagine the effect when each and every one us does this every day? God is going to use us as a body of Christ to lead many people to the Kingdom of God each day! I am thrilled just at the thought of it!

How the first disciples or converts came to know Jesus is the Son of God is still the way how today, people are going to come to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Let us go and find someone every day to tell the Good News to and bring the person to meet and know Jesus.

Join me in this prayer.

“Heavenly Father, I thank You that Your Word is Life. Every time I read and listen to Your Word, You speak to me personally to align my life to Your purpose. Today, I make a renewed commitment to have sharing the Gospel and discipling others as my lifestyle. As I go about my everyday life, Holy Spirit, lead me and help me to seize every opportunity to testify God’s goodness and to share the Good News. As I renew myself daily through Your Word, Father, use me to lead people into Your Kingdom and empower me to teach them to grow in faith. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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