Thunder In The Desert

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John 1: 19 – 23 (MSG)
19-20 When Jews from Jerusalem sent a group of priests and officials to ask John who he was, he was completely honest. He didn’t evade the question. He told the plain truth: “I am not the Messiah.”
21 They pressed him, “Who, then? Elijah?” “I am not.” “The Prophet?” “No.”
22 Exasperated, they said, “Who, then? We need an answer for those who sent us. Tell us something – anything! – about yourself.”
23 “I’m thunder in the desert: ‘Make the road straight for God!’ I’m doing what the prophet Isaiah preached.”

Being located near the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate with relatively frequent rain occurrences. Most of the time, rumbling thunders precede the rain. Thunders have become one of the indicators for me to start preparing before the rain arrives. The frequent occurrence of rain may not be very well received amongst my friends, but occurrences of rain in the desert are precious! Rain brings water, which ultimately brings life to those living in the desert. Imagine if you were to live in the desert, wouldn’t the sound of thunder bring you great joy and hope?! It signals the coming of water, the coming of life and the quenching of thirst!

When John the Baptist was questioned by the priests and the officials of his identity, he said: “I’m the thunder in the desert…”  The thunder rumbles before the coming of the rain. Such loud sounds will be heard throughout the area. It signals to others the coming of the rain. John was very clear of his role. It was to signal and tell everyone of the coming of Jesus Christ. Not only that, but also to point everyone to Him, so that they may fix their focus on Jesus and believe in Him.

You and I are also called to be the thunder in the desert! We are commissioned and instructed to spread the gospel of Jesus, to point everyone to Him. Our task is to direct the focus to Jesus and to let others have the opportunity to hear the gospel. Whether the person receives and believes in Jesus is his or her decision. So be this thunder which is heard throughout your world so that everyone around you will know of Jesus!

Jesus is the Rain that brings water to the desert.  As we know, desert is a place where water is a scarce resource and living things cannot do without water. Jesus, in John 4:10, said: “… I would give you fresh, living water.” And in John 4:13-14, Jesus also said: “… Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst – not ever. The water I give will be an artesian spring within, gushing fountains of endless life.” The water that Jesus is referring to is Himself. Anyone who believes in Jesus will have life and life to eternity. When we believe and trust in Jesus we will have no lack, because He supplies everything we need.

Are you in a desert right now? Is someone around you in a desert? I’m not referring to the physical desert. I am referring to the spiritual desert. This spiritual desert could be an aspect of your life that is in lack, insufficiency, dryness, barrenness, hopelessness, despair, frustration, hardness of the heart and so on. If you are in the desert right now, be of good cheer! Fix your eyes on Jesus. Believe in Him. Receive the River of Living Waters that seek to flow into the dry and barren ground! How about friends , families, colleagues and even strangers around you? Not sure if they are in the desert? Just share with them the Good News of Jesus! Point them to Him. Be the thunder that tells everyone of Jesus. Seize every opportunity and share with them the gospel. Make the invitation to them to join us for our Sunday service. Be the roaring thunder that is so loud, such that people from miles away can hear you.

Let us pray.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your word. I thank You for Jesus. I desire and thirst for your Living waters to flow into every desert I am currently in. I pray that my heart will be sensitive to Your leading, my eyes will be open and my mouth will just boldly share the gospel. I give thanks to You and pray all these in Jesus’ most mighty Name, AMEN!”


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