Because Jesus Is Present

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For more than a month now, our Pastor at River has been preaching on the amazing miracles by Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John. It has been a wonderful journey learning the supernatural power and compassion of Jesus to meet the needs of the people He meets and His disciples, in ways beyond their imagination.

Jesus turns water into wine. Jesus heals the official’s son. Jesus heals the paralyzed by the pool. Jesus feeds five thousand men. Jesus walks on water. Jesus heals the man born blind. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

Today, I begin to ponder about what the common elements are across these seven miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John. As I do not want to be counting on my intellectual capacity to list down all that my human mind can think of, I quieten myself before the Lord. I ask Him to reveal to me what a common thread across the miracles is that He wants me to be most aware of.

“Jesus is present.” These are the three words that come to me. I decide to seek the Lord a little more as I am expecting that there surely should be more that God wants me to learn from these seven amazing miracles.

“Jesus is present.” Again, these are the three words that the Holy Spirit impresses upon me.

My human mind has been anticipating something which I will consider deeply insightful and profoundly sound. “Jesus is present’ just does not seem to match the depth of lesson I am hoping to receive from God. I even begin to argue in my mind that Jesus is not present when He heals the official’s son. At this point, the Lord reminds me that the official personally goes before Jesus pleading Him to heal his sick son at home. While Jesus is not physically present with the son, Jesus is present in the situation when the official goes before Him in faith.

Jesus is present. Because Jesus is present, the seven miracles in the Gospel of John have taken place.

My knowledge tells me that I have Jesus’ presence in my life, and that the Holy Spirit dwells in me. I know that Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. But today, God is pointing me to pause and ask, “Is Jesus really present in every situation of my life?” I would love to give an affirmative response to this. Truth is, well, maybe not.

What does it mean to say Jesus is present in every situation of our life?

Psalm 25: 4 & 5 NLT
Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow.
Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who saves me.
All day long I put my hope in You.

The truth that no one can refute is that all believers have the presence of God in their lives. But, do we live like Jesus is present in our very life?

God is ever present in our life. But do we seek His direction when we need to make a decision in our career, marriage or finances? Is Jesus present in our decision-making?

God is ever present in our life. But do we seek His Word and His counsel to manage the situations we are facing? Is Jesus present in our daily situations?

God is ever present in our life. But do we obey and follow His commandments and teaching in the Bible? Is Jesus present in our daily priorities?

“…All day long I put my hope in You.” (Psalm 25:5) When Jesus is present in every situation of our life, our hope and confidence are in Him. Not sometimes, but all day long. No matter if we are in the high or in the low, we put our hope not in man and circumstances, but in God who saves us.

Because Jesus is present, miracles take place. This is a profoundly simple truth God wants you and me to behold.

Jesus is present. This is an everyday, moment-to-moment lifestyle God wants you and me to live out.

Then, our lives and the life of our church become available and fertile grounds for God to work miracles in. Then, through our lives and our church, many come to know Jesus is the Son of God, the God of their salvation.

Join me in this prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You that You never leave nor forsake Your children. I thank You that You are ever present in my life to lead me and teach me. Indeed, O Lord, apart from You, I can do nothing. Help me, Father, to live my life every day where I see things from Your perspective and do things according to Your Word and Truth. Teach me to conduct my life in holiness that I may grow to be more and more Christlike with each passing day. May my life be a fertile ground for Your power and miracles to be revealed, so that many people around me come to know You as their God of salvation. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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