Blind Or Not Blind

Man in BlindfoldListen to Audio Here.

In chapter 9 of the Gospel of John, we read the account of Jesus healing a man born blind. By the time the man’s sight has been restored, no one knows where Jesus is. The Pharisees do not believe that such a miracle could have taken place. They repeatedly ask the man who healed him and what has been done to heal him. These Jewish leaders even go the man’s parents to verify if he has indeed been born blind and now can see. They totally refute that Jesus is from God.

Amidst the questioning from the Pharisees, the man who has been born blind says this about himself and about Jesus in John 9:25, 33

25 “…But I do know this: I was blind, but now I can see!
This Man must be from God. If He were not from God, He could not do anything like this.”

The Pharisees are so furious at what the man has said that they throw him out of the synagogue.

Now, this man has just got his sight restored and can see for the first time in his life! What a miraculous and joyous thing it must be. But right after this, he is rejected and abandoned by others. And he does not even know and has not seen the One who has miraculously healed him.

At this point, it seems like Jesus has caused this man to see but has left him to face the world on his own resources.

But we read in John 9:35-38,

35 When Jesus heard what had happened, He went and found the man. Then Jesus asked, “Do you have faith in the Son of Man?”
 He replied, “Sir, if you will tell me who He is, I will put my faith in Him.”
 “You have already seen Him,” Jesus answered, “and right now He is talking with you.”
 The man said, “Lord, I put my faith in You!” Then he worshiped Jesus.

It is significant to me that Jesus does not just heal the man and goes on His own way. He goes and looks for the man and finds him, to ask him if he believes in the Son of Man. Jesus wants to heal not only the physical blindness of the man but also his deep spiritual blindness. Jesus does not want to only improve the man’s life by enabling him to see but what Jesus most desires is for the man to receive and enjoy true and eternal life.

This is the great love of our Lord Jesus Christ. While the world may reject us and we may feel abandoned by even our closest of friends, Jesus goes out looking for us, and He always finds us right where we are at. Always. I stay amazed at the wondrous love of our God! Others may throw us out. But Jesus takes us in. Others reject us. But Jesus accepts us. Others walk out on us. But Jesus walks into our life.

The miracle of Jesus healing the man born blind and restoring his sight is but a prelude to an even greater and more precious miracle that follows. Jesus reveals Himself to the man as the Son of God, giving him an opportunity to be healed of his inner spiritual blindness.

This teaches me that every physical blessing we receive is to point us to remember and to be thankful that Jesus is the Messiah, our Savior and our Lord. This reminds me that every time God uses us to minister His love and blessing to others, it is ultimately so that we can introduce to them Who Jesus is and to invite them to place their faith in Jesus.

The man was once blind now he sees. All because of Jesus. Then, when he hears and learns the truth that Jesus is the Son of God, he believes in Him and worships Him. He now truly sees. Physically and spiritually.

“I was blind but now I see!” How beautiful this statement is. How beautiful and amazing the grace of God is. As Christians, we once were blind to God’s love and salvation but now our eyes have been opened to Jesus and His purpose for us. Jesus wants us to lead many more people to be able to declare, “I was once blind but now I see!”

Join me in this prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You that in You, all darkness must flee. I thank You that with Jesus in my life, my eyes have been opened to the Truth that I belong not to this world, but to You, our Heavenly Father. Help me to be more and more Christlike, O Lord. Help me to see the people and situations around me with spiritual eyes and guide me to seize every opportunity to show Your grace, share Your love and lead others to place their faith in You. Empower me to also help other believers to open their spiritual eyes to see things the way You see them. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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