The Secret Place, Part 2

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Mark 1:35
Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.

Intimacy is necessary for impartation.

Besides my daily time of fellowship with Jesus after lunch, I have the habit to also regularly spend time studying the Word of God. Through the regular studying of God’s Word in solitude in my study room, I allow God to impart His knowledge to me through His Word as I study the various passages of scripture. Most of the time, I would put my Bible dictionary and concordance and other referene materials next to me so that I may refer to them for deeper understanding.

Besides the regular studying of the Word of God, I also have the habit of setting aside a whole day, once or twice a year, to meditate on some topics of the Scripture which I find difficult to understand or are controversial in nature. On such days, I will pray and ask the Holy Spirit to impart His knowledge to me and through our time of intimacy, He would reveal portions of Scripture and would open my eyes and heart to better understand those topics.  With God’s enlightenment, there is much excitement as God opens my eyes to familiar scriptures which speak together with other portions of scriptures to form the revelation and understanding God wants me to have.

Impartation is necessary for change.

The main objective of our fellowship with the Lord through the discipline of daily prayers, reading, study and meditation of His Word, is so that our lives may, with the power of the Holy Spirit, be transformed to be more and more like Jesus Christ.

We need the impartation of God’s Word to convict us of our need for change and we need the strength of His Spirit to bring about the miraculous change in our inner being.

When we are transformed into the image of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, we will begin to act as salt and light in this world of darkness and we will bring glory to God through our lives.

Just as Jesus spent time alone with God in the morning and then departed from there in order to minister to others, we too, as His disciples, must share all our learning from God and His Word with the body of Christ as well as those who are not believers.  The impartation of God’s Word is not for our personal consumption but it is given so that we can edify the church.  We do that by sharing with our fellow Christians what Jesus has taught us during our times of solitude with Him.

We must never feel that studying the Word of God alone will cause us to mature spiritually.  Learning God’s Word without sharing it will not help us grow as Christians.

The learning of the Word of God is for us to apply into our lives as it is a living Word and we are to be channels of that living Word by sharing what God has taught us. Without regular sharing of God’s Word, the Word remains in us as stagnant water and not living water and it will soon become useless and may even become toxic.

If you do not already have a time set aside to fellowship with God each day, I would like to encourage you to do so. Nothing is more rewarding than fellowship with our Creator.

In order to fully appreciate the eternal Word of God, which is the source of our lives, we need to set aside time to read it, study it, memorise it and meditate on it and when we do, we will then be able to live the abundant life that God promises.

After learning God’s word, pray and ask God for an avenue to channel your learning so that God’s Word flows from you to bring life to others.

Remember to create a personal space, sanctified and exclusive for the amazing relationship between you and the One who created you. Enjoy sweet fellowship with Creator God through prayer and the reading of His Word, then find an avenue to share your learning with others.

Let us pray.

Dear Lord, help me to desire the reading of your Word, which is the Word of life. From what I’ve learned from Your Word, help me to find an avenue to share what I’ve learned from You with those who have yet to know You and those who desire to know You more. Thank You for the wisdom and life You give to me through Your Word. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.


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