Upward Falling

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Matthew 5:16 (NIV)
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

I love listening to new Gospel music every now and then, and as much as I enjoy listening to it, what I love even more is to find out how God has inspired these groups of people to write the songs that they sing. I have been really blessed by what I have been listening to recently and I just thought I would bring all of you to their source of inspiration which can be found in Chapter 5 of the book of Matthew, namely the Beatitudes. Even as I read through what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount, I really thank God that I have a Savior who works in stark contrast to whatever the world upholds and defines as valuable, for if I were to serve a god that stood for whatever the world promoted, I think I would be better off without one since I was already living according to it from the start.

Pause for a moment and let the scenario sink in your minds as you read Matthew 5. Imagine how much courage and obedience it must have taken Jesus to stand before the multitudes of people and His disciples and preach something that seemed so revolutionary, or rather, counter revolutionary? On that very day, Jesus redefined what it meant to be blessed and to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. To the people, it must have been an extremely bold declaration because as far as they knew, to enter the Kingdom of God meant that they just had to obey all the rules and regulations that the Pharisees imposed on them. But here was this Man telling them an entirely different story. Indeed, it is a lot easier to follow a bunch of rules than to walk in Spirit and in Truth, because following rules seem physically attainable and does not require the heart whatsoever, whereas to walk with Jesus and in His footsteps has to come from your innermost being, no pretense or disguise can mask that. Today, I want to encourage you to be completely and utterly sold out to our Lord Jesus Christ. God doesn’t look at obedience the way the world does. People tend to think that as long as you physically look like you are listening to instructions, you are being obedient. But of course, that is far from what God wants for us.

Obedience stems from trust in God, it stems from the knowledge that we are now made the righteousness of God and have a responsibility to uphold the God-colors of our Savior in this monochromatic world where everything is plainly written in black and white and cast in stone for us to ‘follow’. I think it is time for us as sons and daughters of the Almighty to step up and with Jesus to make this bold declaration as well, that we aren’t going to conform to the likes of this world but to allow ourselves to be transformed by the renewing of our minds through the written Word so that we are able to be the salt and the light of this Earth, which incidentally is the topic that Jesus came to immediately after the Beatitudes.

In all things, remember to trust the Lord with all that you have. As easy as I have said that, it certainly takes effort in reality but the key thing is to just start walking the path of faith, it is more likely for someone who is moving to receive and heed guidance from God as opposed to one that is stationary and refusing to budge. Let it be such that upward falling becomes your way of life, that just as gravity effortlessly draws you back to the ground, you will also ceaselessly seek God in everything that you do. Trust me when I say that if you are willing to seek, you will find Him, because that is what He has promised us.

Let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You that You came down from Your throne to redefine my life as I know it. I thank You that there is no other name by which I can be saved except through Yours. Lord, I pray that even as I learn to commit myself to You in full obedience, You would cause God-colors to just flow right out of me like rivers of living waters, empowering and refreshing those whom You have purposed for me to come into contact with. I pray that I will be nothing less than the salt and light of this Earth You have called me to be and in everything, Father, may my words, actions and heart be like sweet incense unto You.  In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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