Please Follow Our Head, Part II

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Ephesians 4:15 & 16 NLT
15 …we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ, who is the head of His body, the church.
16 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Without the head, the body cannot exist, much less function. It becomes totally hopeless and helpless. Not only this, without the head, the body does not grow. Our head tells our body to drink water when we are thirsty and to rest when we are tired. Our brain sends important signals that move our physical body toward health and strength.

In the same manner, Christ who is the Head of the Body of Christ, is as such. Christ is the One who leads and guides His church in a way that she is always growing to her fullest capacity. Without the Head, the Body of Christ does not grow.

In Ephesians 4:15 & 16, we see the sign of growth and maturity in the Body of Christ – which is a faithful consistent reflection of Jesus Christ, where believers are speaking and living out the truth, loving one another. The apostle Paul also writes that believers are growing in every respect into the likeness of Christ, who is the Head of the church. I think over here, Paul wants to highlight Christ’s involvement in the growth of His Body. We are to grow into Christ’s likeness, loving and serving like Christ does. Not only is Christ the goal of our growth, He is the means of our growth. It is Christ who is resourcing and facilitating the growth of His Body.

Apart from the Head, the Body does not grow. The power from the Head can only fill the Body when the body parts continually plug in to the Head and draw strength from the Head.

What happens when we fail to see Christ’s Headship the way that we should? To put it very plainly, we then become the head of our own lives. Our Christian life is a call to worship and obedience, a call to faithfully follow our Lord Jesus to the end. But when do not see Christ as Head of our life and the Body of Christ, submitting to His authority and commands becomes optional instead of essential. God has called us to a life of loving Him and serving Him and one another, to invest in His Kingdom work, to preach the Gospel, to evangelize and to disciple believers to grow in their faith by teaching them to obey God’s Word. When we do not see Christ as our Head, all these things become optional.

Submission to leadership and authoritative voices also becomes a matter of option. In the church context, leaders and authority have been given by Jesus to help us in maturity and growth. Brothers and sisters are called to speak truth in love to us and counsel us with the Word of God. When we do not see and honor Jesus’ authority over the Body of Christ, we will not deem these as good things given by God for our good. We may not appreciate and value these people of Godly authority over us and do not want them to be part of our lives when we are going through issues. Yet, God has placed these people in our life in His wisdom for our benefit.

What then is the impact on the Body of Christ? The Body becomes fragmented and disunited as each of the body parts tries to steer its life as it wishes. As a result, the church is not able to grow in the way that Christ has intended her to. The world around us is not able to see and experience through the church the light and love of Jesus Christ, which is the very purpose Christ has destined His Body to fulfill.

When we do not see Jesus’ Headship as we should, we are in essence, not trusting His authority and the way He is moving, and we do not trust that His sovereignty is good for us. We then choose the ‘I trust me’ way of life, fixing life the way we want to.

Jesus died, rose and ascended to Heaven for the sake of all of us. This is how invested our Lord Jesus is toward us. This is the full display of His love. Christ being Head of the church for our benefit is also a full demonstration of His love, that we know He is our Savior, Sustainer and Strengthener.

Let us as the Body of Christ be always following Christ, our Head.

Join me in this prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your redemptive plan that is for all mankind. I thank You that through Jesus, I have received redemption and victory. Lord, I repent of those times when I have not submitted to Your commands but followed my own way of doing things. Forgive me for the excuses and procrastination when it comes to evangelizing. I make a renewed commitment today, Lord, to be all in for You and Your Kingdom work, never hesitant to share Your Good News and always loving and serving others. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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