If You Only Knew

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If only. If only I had this or that, I would be happy. If only I had achieved this or that, I would be really successful. If only this had not happened to me, I would be much better off.

Have you ever made such “if only” wishes? I have. Sometimes, when my present situation becomes a little overbearing, I start to harbor such “if only” desires. I just need to express how much I hope for something to happen.

In the Bible, Jesus has made a similar expression as well. In John 4, Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman who is by the well to draw water, something that she needs for her daily living and sustenance. The woman does not know the Man whom she is talking to is Jesus the Messiah, recognizing Him only as a Jewish man.

In John 4:10 (NLT), Jesus says to the woman, “If you only knew the gift God has for you and who you are speaking to, you would ask Me, and I would give you living water.”

The woman is at the well to obtain water to meet her physical needs. But Jesus, Jesus desires to give her much more. Jesus wants to give her Living Water to satisfy her deep, innermost and spiritual need.

The woman does not recognize Jesus as the Savior and the Giver of living waters. But Jesus gently and compassionately engages with her, leading her to know He is Christ, the Messiah.

Are there people around us looking for a perfect Christmas gift for loved ones in the mall, but are unaware of the Gift Jesus has for them? Jesus is exclaiming, “If only they knew the gift God has for them…” Jesus already has the Gift of salvation and Living Water prepared for them, if they would ask Him.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, this Christmas season, would you take some water to the people around you to quench their inner thirst? Sometimes, they may not even think they have any void in their life that needs spiritual nourishment. They may not understand their spiritual need nor know how to ask. But their need is so very deep. As believers of Christ, we know that each and every person has a God-shaped need in his or her life, that can only be met by God.

Jesus says in John 4:14 (NLT/GNT), “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them life-giving water and eternal life.”

This Christmas season, let us engage with the world around us the way Jesus engages with the woman by the well. Care about the people we meet each day, talk kindly with them, make mention of Jesus’ Name in our conversations with them.

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 (ERV), “I came to give life – life that is full and good.” Oh, if only the people around us knew that too. So, let us share with our friends, family and neighbors why we celebrate Christmas. Point them to the truth that Jesus has come to give us the Gift of abundant and good life; the Gift of salvation that redeems us from the power of sin; and the Gift of Living Water that is always refreshing, replenishing and nourishing our whole being, that is ever springing forth new life from within us.

This Christmas season, Jesus wants all the earth to know He has come to quench our deep inner thirst. Friends, ask from Jesus this Gift of Salvation and Living Water, and enjoy “a life that is full and good” from this day forth.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, this Christmas as we celebrate that Jesus has come, let us continue to draw on Jesus as our Source of Living Water each day. His Living Water takes us from strength to strength, and glory to glory. This Christmas season, be sensitive to the people around you. You will see thirsty souls and parched hearts in need of the Living Water from our Lord Jesus Christ. Would you take some water to them?

Let us pray together.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your great love for me. I thank You that You know all of my needs even better than I do. And I thank You that You always give to Your children the best. Thank You, O Father, for sending Jesus to be my Savior, giving me abundant and eternal life. I commit to fix my eyes on You, trusting You in all things that I do. Let Your Living Water cleanse my heart and quench my thirst. Teach me and help me to be sensitive to the people around me this Christmas season. Holy Spirit, empower me to share the Gift of Life and Living Water with them in a way that they will be able to accept. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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