Best New Clothes Ever

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After a hard day’s work or a session of workout, it feels good to change into a clean set of clothes. Instantly, we feel more refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Talking about clothes, someone recently suggested to me I should take the coming new year as an opportunity to change my wardrobe, to include more brightly-colored clothes. This person thought that this would make a difference to my life.

While I will not delve into whether I agree with that or not, I am thinking, you and I actually already have available to us, the best new clothes ever.

We can go to boutiques, shopping malls or tailors to purchase new clothes. But, in a life-changing manner, Jesus has come to give us new clothes which we can never purchase from anywhere. Neither can we ever manufacture these new garments ourselves. Not only does Jesus give us new clothes, Jesus removes the filthy clothes we have on and throws them out far from us, as far as the east is from the west. We need not fear the old rags coming back to haunt us, ever.

Zechariah is a prophet offering hope to Israel through the prophecy of the coming and works of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, in Zechariah 3, Zechariah is given a symbolic vision of how God, through His Son, Jesus, removes our sin and replaces our sin with His righteousness.

He writes in Zechariah 3:1, 3 & 4 (CEV/NLT)
1 I was given another vision. This time Joshua the high priest was standing in front of the LORD’S angel.
3 Joshua’s clothing was filthy as he stood there before the angel.
4 So the angel said to the others standing there, “Take off his filthy clothes.”
And turning to Joshua he said, “See, I have taken away your sins, and now I am giving you these fine new clothes.”

Joshua’s clothes are filthy, symbolizing the sin in his life. The LORD’s angel, gives instruction for his dirty clothes to be taken off. And in exchange, the LORD’s angel gives Joshua fine new clothes.

What a beautiful and powerful prophetic vision this is. It speaks of our lives. Our sin and wrongdoings stain and stubbornly cling to the deepest parts of our being. Without God in our lives, sin is like a dirty outfit we are dressed in, whether we realize it or not. These stains and dirt, no matter how hard we try and remove them by living right or with charitable acts, cannot be gotten rid of. This sin garment over our shoulders constantly reminds us of our sin, our mistakes and our wrongdoings. Our lives are often shrouded with fear, guilt and shame.

Thank God Jesus has come! Jesus has come to give us a new wardrobe – clean clothes, new clothes that forever change our lives! This is what rejoice over and remember during Christmas.

Because of Jesus’ work on the Cross, our sins are forgiven. He has removed our sin garment. Not only that, Jesus has given us fine new clothes of righteousness and salvation in Him. With this new garment from Jesus, we have new life in Him. We now walk and live in His presence, power and authority. No longer do we live under the dominion and guilt of sin, for Jesus has removed that from us, forever!

With this new garment of Jesus’ salvation and new life, we have peace in the midst of turmoil, strength in times of weakness, wisdom in the face of difficulty and hope in moments of despair.

What are you wearing today? Have you exchanged your filthy clothes of sin for Jesus’ new garment of salvation? This divine exchange takes place the moment you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior. If you have never done this, do so today. Let this Christmas be one where you put on the best new clothes ever!

If you are already a disciple of Christ like me, be thankful always for what Jesus has done for us, and continue to live a life that is worthy of God’s calling. And remember, the greatest commandment God has given you and me, is to share the Gospel and point others to where they can receive the fine new garments of salvation and new life. This Christmas season, let us make a commitment to bring many people to put on these best new clothes ever.

Let us pray together.

“Heavenly Father, thank You for clothing me with Your garment of salvation and robe of righteousness. Because of Your gift of Jesus, I am forgiven and forever free from the power of sin. Praise You, O God. Teach and help me to live every day according to Your righteousness, that I may become more and more like the person You want me to be. Lord, I commit to lift my eyes to see the many people around me who are in need of Your salvation. Use me to share Your Good News, show love and compassion, and lead them to receive Your fine new clothes of salvation. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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