Will You Own The Land?

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Exodus 6:8 NLT/AMP

“I will bring you into the land… I will give it to you as your very own possession. I am the Lord! [You have the pledge of My changeless omnipotence and faithfulness].”

God already has promised Moses in Exodus 3:8 that He would bring the Israelites into “a good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey.” When the people continue to face fierce tyranny and torment from the Egyptian king, God reminds them in Exodus 6:8 this promise He has given to them. And God reminds them His promise still holds and never shall fail because He is the Lord – Unchanging, All-powerful and Faithful.

Some of us today are still waiting for God to bring us into the fulfillment of a breakthrough and miracle. Along the way, we may have mountains to conquer, valleys to cross and enemies to defeat. At such junctures, we must always return to God’s Word and allow His promises to breathe new life into us and unleash new strength into us. As God brings us into His promised land flowing with goodness and provision, we must be focused to fix our eyes on God and His promises, and follow His leading.

Not only does God promise to bring us into the land, God wants to give that land to us as our very own possession. God has huge plans and purposes for our life. He does not want us to just momentarily tread on and enjoy a piece of good land. He empowers us to own that land and have dominion over that land. For that land God wants to bring us into not only contains milk and honey, it is flowing with milk and honey – the provision and goodness this land bears is of a continuous supply. God wants us to possess this land so that we can continually reap all of its goodness, be blessed, and be a blessing to many people and nations.

What does it mean to have a land of our very own possession? Responsibility! Being our very own land, we need to take care of it, plough the land and till the soil. We need to put in labor, energy, time and resources to tend the land. For it is our very own land! For God to give us the promised land to possess, we must be prepared to take up the responsibilities that come along with the ownership.

I am reminded of a parable Jesus tells in Matthew 13:44, “The Kingdom of heaven is like this. A man happens to find a treasure hidden in a field. He covers it up again, and is so happy that he goes and sells everything he has, and then goes back and buys that field.”

This man understands the principle. Unless he owns the land, he does not own the treasure. He also recognizes that not only is the treasure valuable, the land is priceless too. In joy, he returns home and sells all he has so that he can buy the land as his own possession.

All of us, as followers of Christ, have already found the treasure in our life. The treasure is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The moment we place our faith in Jesus and give our life to Jesus, He has promised to bring us into a land rich with His blessings, favor and success. And He promises to give this land over to us for our possession.

Have you and I done what the man in the parable does? Like this man, we ought to be filled with joy at this treasure. Like this man, we ought to take stock of our life, begin to place God and His commandments as top priority in our life, give and do all we can to possess the land God is giving to us.

We are called to live our life for the sake of God’s calling and purpose. Whether you are a working professional, business owner, student, retiree or homemaker, God is bringing you to the promised land which you can call your own. In this land, God commands that You place loving God and obeying God your priority. In this land flowing with His goodness, God commands that you use your time, energy, talent and finances not to chase after personal gain but to serve the Lord and bring Him honor and glory. It is only when we do these that God can entrust that land to our possession.

Will you own the land? Very often, we want our career, finances, family, studies and relationships to fall in place before we put God first place in our life. God is bigger than you think. You need not and cannot, in fact, work things out to their perfect order on your own. It is only when you first seek and do God’s will that your rough patches smoothen, crooked paths straighten and dark areas brighten. When you put God first place in your life, all other things in your life will fall in place.

The man in Matthew 13:44 does not wait for perfect conditions or draw up a profound investment analysis before he decides to sell everything to buy the field. The sheer joy he has in finding the treasure is strength enough for him to sacrifice what he has on hand in exchange for what he knows will be far better than what he is giving up now.

Will you own the land? Will you make it your priority to serve God and His Kingdom? Will you take up the responsibility to sow seeds of the Gospel? Will you be responsible to plough the land with God’s love, till the soil with God’s truth and fertilize the land with God’s hope? Will you live out your responsibility as the laborer who reaps in the land that is already white for harvest?

Go into the land, and own the land. Be in joy. Be responsible to The Great Commission God has given to us in this land. Let us reach out, evangelize and win souls for Christ and disciple believers with God’s Word. God says we have His pledge of changeless omnipotence and faithfulness.

Let us pray.

“Heavenly Father, I thank You that the Holy Spirit has spoken to me today. I know, O God, You have given me the talent, education, career, time and finances so that I can build Your Kingdom. I commit to be a witness for You to the world around me, boldly testifying Your greatness, passionately sharing Your Gospel and unashamedly inviting people to receive You and to be planted in church. Holy Spirit, come and lead and guide me every moment to live my life for the sake of loving others and winning them for Christ. Father, thank You for giving me the responsibility and privilege to build Your Kingdom. I thank You that as I build Your Kingdom, You are building my life to be continually filled with Your provision and goodness. I surrender and give You my all to live according to Your purpose. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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