God Bless You – When You Let Jesus Enter Your Life, Forgiveness Comes To You

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God has created all of us with not only a body and mind, but also with a spirit.  While physical conditions and personal relationships can help us flourish in body and mind, our life cannot be complete until our spirit finds rest in God.

Whether we agree with this or like this or not, this is the truth – our spiritual unrest is caused by our sins and wrongdoings.

No matter how we beat ourselves up for our past mistakes, how guilt-stricken and remorseful we are, how we approach other gods and idols to seek redemption, we never are able to have that peace in our spirit.  In the Old Testament, the worshippers had a ritual of offering yearly animal sacrifices to God.  In Hebrews 10:1-4 (NCV), we read :

…The people under the law offer the same sacrifices every year, but these sacrifices can never make perfect those who come near to worship God. If the law could make them perfect, the sacrifices would have already stopped. The worshipers would be made clean, and they would no longer have a sense of sin. But these sacrifices remind them of their sins every year, because it is impossible for the blood of bulls and goats to take away sins.

You see, no amount of our remorse, regret, guilt or other works can add up to be a complete solution in our life.  In Hebrews 10:10 (NCV), God tells us :

And because of this, we are made holy through the sacrifice Christ made in His body once and for all time.

Jesus has paid it all on the Cross!  His sacrifice is once and for all, and forever.  Our blemishes and our flaws, they all have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus.  Forgiveness has been freely given to us by Jesus.  The death and resurrection of Jesus has provided a total, complete and perfect salvation for sins and for all man.

The way to receive this saving forgiveness, is to believe Jesus is your Lord and Savior, and let Him enter your life.  You cannot be saved from drowning because you have a lifeboat near you.  You have to enter the lifeboat.  You cannot be cured of a sickness just because you have the pills in your cupboard.  You have to take the pills.  Today as you hear and learn the Good News of Jesus’ saving forgiveness, I pray you take the step to believe, and let Jesus enter your life.  God promises in Acts 10:43 (NIV), “Everyone who believes in Him receives forgiveness of sins through His Name.”  When you have Jesus in your life, you are made new, made whole and made free to live out the blessed life He has prepared for you!  When you have Jesus in your life, not only forgiveness comes to you, He also gives you the power not to repeat the same mistakes.  With Jesus, your latter days are going to be far greater than your former ones!  How beautiful is the salvation of Jesus!

As a Christ-follower, I know I have been forgiven and made new.  Yet there are times in my life where the memory of my past failures and sins comes back to haunt me.  Yes, I who believe in Jesus, still at times cannot seem to accept the freedom of His forgiveness.  During these moments, God assures me He does not count my sins against me and that His love for me is unreserved and unending.  God reminds me I have to keep dwelling on His Word, which is the transformative truth.  Now when the devil plants feelings of guilt and shame in me, I keep declaring that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, that God has set me free and I truly am free, and that because I am in Christ, my old is gone and I have been made new!  Thank God that the power of His Word and promises always defeats the lies of the evil one.

Friends, if you also have such moments when the sting of your past sins returns to prick you, pick up the Word of God and speak it out.  There is great transformative power in His truth that restores peace and wholeness to your spirit.

As I stay amazed at and immensely grateful for God’s forgiveness in my life, God reminds me He also given me the power to forgive others.  When you let Jesus enter your life, not only does forgiveness come into your life, you also receive the power to release forgiveness to people who have offended you.  God has meant for us to live free.  Totally free.  Bitterness and unforgiveness hold us back from the fullness of God’s destiny marked out for us.  When we have Jesus in our life, the Holy Spirit helps us to extend grace and forgiveness to others, just as Jesus has so unreservedly extended His grace and forgiveness to us.  He wants our faith in Him and relationship with Him to influence and bless our relationships with others.

What great freedom there is in Jesus Christ!  Let Jesus enter your life today, receive His forgiveness and enjoy a fresh slate in life.  Continue to dwell in God’s grace and truth, daily offering thanksgiving for His forgiveness, and be an extender of His grace and forgiveness to others.  You will enjoy a new slate in your relationship with others.  With Jesus and His forgiveness in your life, blessings come upon your life, and you never will be the same!

Let us come before God in thanksgiving and in prayer.

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for Your saving grace and Your forgiveness that turn my life around.  I thank You that with Jesus in my life, all my sins are forgiven and washed clean.  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for giving me the ability not to fall back into the same sins.  Thank You for empowering me to be an extender of my Father’s grace and forgiveness to people around me.  I repent of all the sins I still struggle with today, wash me clean and strengthen me all over again to live a life worthy of Your Name.  Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus’ Name, I pray.  Amen.”


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