God’s Character

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Psalm 33:8-9 (NKJV)
8 Let all the earth fear the Lord; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.
9 For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast.

Trials and tribulations are things that come upon every one of us, weak or strong, Christian or not. The misconception that some people have when it comes to these obstacles that pay a visit ever so often is the mindset that if they were more righteous and obedient, all these would not happen. Though this statement is true to a certain degree, because our actions do have an impact on our future, the statement and mindset in itself reflects something deeper that has to be addressed. You see, with this thinking, it will inevitably bring in something that has haunted mankind since time immemorial, and that is guilt. When guilt comes into the picture, you get many side effects, mostly adverse: people turning away from God because they feel that they’ve done too much wrong to be forgiven, people becoming irreverent towards God because they think they’ve already set foot on a path of no return. Guilt brings out the worst in many of us if not taken into hand and it blinds us to the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

So what is the root of these problems that we face? First of all, we have to know that no matter how righteous we are and no matter how blameless we think we are, trials and tribulations are events that are bound to come. Though we may not be able to see the benefits of such things in the immediate future, God sees all and knows all, and if He has allowed for it to happen, you can be sure that He will see to it that His servants will not be put to shame but will emerge stronger, wiser and of course, victorious. What guilt does to us is that it causes us to turn into tortoises, it causes us to shrink inwards and to look inwards, to remind us over and over again the things we have done wrong and the hundred and one reasons why we don’t deserve what God has for us. The fact is this, in anything that we do, no matter how good it seems, it will never warrant God’s grace and love by itself. The forgiveness and love that were poured out on mankind at Calvary was not free by a long shot, but the truth is that because of Christ who paid the price for us, we are able to enjoy His goodness as long as we are willing to admit that we need it.

The difficulties of this life is something all of us have to face, from young to old, no exceptions. So, instead of focusing so much inwards and on the things you might have done wrong that caused this to happen, maybe it is time for us as children of the Most High to begin to look outwards and have the confidence in God’s character and promises. It is not wrong to feel guilty but never remain in that state so much so that you become intoxicated by the guilt and self-reproach that you begin to believe the lies of the devil and ultimately turn your back on the One who loves you the most. Have faith and trust that God will never fail you and He will most definitely honor that faith you have.

Let’s pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, I give You thanks for the blessings that You have showered into my life this whole time. Lord, I pray for strength in every area of my life, especially in my walk with You. I know that the things ahead of me will not always be a bed of roses, but I give You thanks because I can rely on You in the good times and in the bad ones. Fix my eyes on You and who You say You are, Father, and cause me to be a child of Yours that trusts You wholeheartedly through every situation of my life. Thank You for everything and in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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