Hallowed Be Your Name

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Matthew 6:9 NKJV
In this manner, therefore, pray:
Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.

“In teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus not only is teaching them to pray, He is also teaching them how to live.”

This is the beautiful revelation our Pastor gave as he preached last Sunday on Matthew 6:9-13, The Lord’s Prayer.

Our prayer ought to be more than a cry to our Heavenly Father for answers to our needs and requests. Our prayer is in itself, a call to action, a call to a way of life.

When we pray, “Our Father in heaven,” we are acknowledging God’s nature and position as our Father and our position as His children. We are also confessing that God is seated on the throne in heaven, reigning with supreme authority and sovereignty.

As we open our prayer to God in this manner, we rightly remind ourselves of Who God is in our life and our privilege to come before His throne freely as His beloved children.

When we call out, “Hallowed be Your Name,” Jesus wants us to more than simply ascribe to God our praise, worship, adoration and honor on our lips. Jesus is teaching us to live in such a manner where His Name is hallowed and honored in every area and dimension of our life. As His disciples, we bear and carry the Name of Jesus in our life and we are to be living such that His Name is lifted high in our family, His Name is honored in our workplace, His Name is placed above all else in our finances, and His Name is the only Source of all motivation and direction in the way we conduct our daily life affairs.

Yes, to hallow the Name of God is not a mere verbal exercise or thought process. There is nothing passive about hallowing the Name of God. It is about a lifestyle of constant surrender to the Lordship of God in all that we think, speak and do. As I ponder further, I believe as we hallow the Name of God, we are influencing and inviting others to see and experience the beauty and glory of our Lord that they may too begin to bless and honor His Name.

Hallowed be Your Name. Why is this an important prayer in our daily life? Because the reality of life is that very often, there are areas in our life where we do not hold the Name of our Lord holy and worthy. There are things or people in our life that we sometimes regard as more important than God.

By constantly praying and declaring, “Hallowed be Your Name,” we are asking God to help us recognize what areas in our life we have not hallowed His Name. We are confessing to God that there is no area of our life that we are not willing to hand over to Him – our family, our career, our studies, our relationships, our finances, our social life. When we pray, “Hallowed be Your Name,” we are inviting God to enter even the darkest closets of our life, to clean us up and to make every part of our life fitting for His Name and glory.

We are not able to truly experience the touch of God’s power and the wonders of His works in our life until we truly pray. And there is no way we are truly set apart as God’s vessels until we hallow His Name. It is only then that God is able to help us to live in holiness, bringing glory to His Name.

Let us pray.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Indeed Your Name is above all names, and is worthy to be lifted high. Come and rule and reign in every aspect of my life, and for those things I have been withholding from You, today, I say to You, Father, I surrender them all to You. I thank You, Father, that as I cry out “Hallowed be Your Name” and fix my heart and mind on Your glory, You renew my perspective on my way of life, my needs and my struggles. Use me, Father, to bring many lives to come to behold Your glory as I hallow Your Name every moment in every area of my life. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.


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