Please Follow Our Head, Part I

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Ephesians 1:22 & 23 NLT/NASB
21 Now He is far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come.
22 God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made Him head over all things for the benefit of the church.
23 And the church is His Body; it is made full and complete by Christ, Who fills all things everywhere with Himself.

Praise God that Jesus whom we worship and serve has been exalted over all things! Nothing, absolutely nothing, is outside of His authority and ability to move in. Brokenness, injustice, sickness, oppression, poverty and even death are subject to the rule and reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. Even when the things around us that our eyes witness bring no hope, the Gospel gives us hope that Jesus reigns. When things are going well, we have the assurance that they are going to just get even better because God is with us and for us and He is above all!

This is our Lord and King Jesus, full of majesty and power and authority, Head over all things not for anything else but for the benefit of His people. How worthy is He of our worship, praise and thanksgiving!

It is so vital that we understand the church is the Body of Christ and that we honor Him as the Head. Just as a human body needs a head to function and grow, the church utterly needs Christ Who is our Head. You know, every blink of the eye, every movement and action of our body, it takes place because our head, or our brain, sends a signal for us to do so. Likewise, as the Body of Christ, you and I must take the cue and direction from our Head in all that we say and do.

Christ is the Head over all things is essential to the existence and vitality of His Body, the church. Without the head, there can be no body to even speak about. And without the head, the body is totally helpless and hopeless. Therefore, how can the Body of Christ fulfill all that it has been called to do without the Head? You and I who are followers of Christ are part of the church, His Body. There is an urgent need for all of us to seek Jesus our Head, through worship, prayer and His Word and act only according to the direction and will that He gives. God is Love and God is Truth. We can wholly trust that all that come from Him are for the best benefit of our church as a whole and our individual lives.

Because we are followers of Christ and part of His Body, we are able to receive and experience all the benefits of His power, rule and authority. Christ is exalted above all things and is Head over all, therefore we have victory as part of His Body. Sin has been defeated and is subject to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. Same with death. When Jesus resurrected from the dead, He has broken the power of death. When our faith and trust are in the Person and Works of Jesus Christ, we already have the victory over sin and death. God’s love, grace, forgiveness and power cover us through and through when we belong to Jesus. Yes! All things are subject to Jesus, for the benefit of the Body of Christ!

How then can people who have not become part of the Body of Christ come to receive and encounter such a full and everlasting life in Christ? No, they cannot! The neighbor who has not heard of Jesus, the family member who has not received Christ, the colleague who does not believe there is God, the many people out there who are not aware that Jesus loves them – these people cannot enjoy yet the blessings God already has prepared for them in Christ!

While we stand in awe with thanksgiving that Christ is the Head over all that we as His Body may receive all rewards and benefits from Him, we must always remember our calling as His hands and feet to serve the people around us. We ought to always live out His command to preach the Gospel and lead the lost to know and receive Christ so that they too can become part of His Body and under His Headship. This is what Christ our Head, wants us His Body, to be doing on earth till He comes again. Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are the Body of Christ and He is Head. The Body must do what the Head tells it to do.

Let us pray.

“All honor and glory and praise go to You, King Jesus! Praise You, O Father, that You have put all things under the authority of Christ and made Him Head over the church. I thank You that as part of the Body of Christ, I receive and enjoy all the blessings and benefits that come from Christ our Head. It is my privilege to be serving Jesus and I pray, O Lord, You fill me with Your wisdom and ability that I become an effective instrument leading many people to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Teach me also, to be a disciple who builds others in the Body of Christ to be growing in their walk with You. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.”


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