The Word That Gives Life (Part 2)

Listen to Audio Here.

The Word that God brought to my mind the day before I led the soldiers in my charge to march across the high mountains, gave me much strength. As the march started, I took each step with faith as I meditated on the truth that the God who created these mountains was the same God who was breathing into me to make every step. As the climb got steeper and fatigue started to build up over the days, keeping my focus on the truth became harder.

At the moment, I was reminded of what the Word of God says in Romans 1:20, “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse…”

I felt prompted to take a hard look at my very surroundings that was challenging me. As I looked upon the mountains, the sheer magnitude of them and the unfathomable diversity within them immediately drew my attention to the One who had created them. It is one thing to know that God is almighty and great but it is another thing to experience His invisible attributes so tangibly through His creation all around you.

Step by step, I meditated on His Word as I looked upon His creation to constantly draw strength from His attributes of power, majesty and sovereignty that were so clearly manifested around me. Even though my body was exhausted, my spirit was empowered by the knowledge and revelation of His Word and I completed the march with my soldiers by the end of the fourth day.

The Word of God says in Psalms 119:92-93,

92 Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction.
I will never forget Your precepts, For by them You have given me life.

Indeed, it was the Word of God that gave me strength and life in the midst of a seemingly difficult situation. Without it, I would have ‘perished’. It was His Word that sustained me through every step till the arduous march was completed. Without His Word, I would have been consumed by my challenges and would not be able to come forth from them victoriously.

Friends, are you facing a seemingly difficult and impossible situation in your life? Are you worrying and wondering if you would even be able to get by it? Stop what you are doing and turn to the Word of God now. Meditate upon it and pray with it. You will be surprised at how your vision will change even before you realize it.

Let us pray.

“Dear Father, I thank You that I can find all that I need in Your Word. Forgive me for those times when Your Word has been the last thing I turned to in the midst of my difficulties. Teach me how to trust in Your Word and not my own understanding. Renew my mind through Your Word and help me to look at my circumstances through Heaven’s lens. I commit myself to be a diligent student of Your Word. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


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