The Gift

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Recently I was at Orchard Road, one of the busiest shopping districts in Singapore; the streets of Orchard Road are beautifully decorated with Christmas lightings, decorations and huge Christmas trees. Many shops have put up their Christmas sales advertisements on billboards, flyers and posters. Most advertisements I saw revolved around the idea of giving. Many advertisement tag lines involve gifts, giving, the joy of giving and so on. Out of the many, one advertisement tag line caught my attention the most – “Celebrate the spirit of giving”.

I strongly believe, when it comes to the Spirit of giving, there’s nothing that can be compared to our God. This is because this concept of giving started from God! Right from the beginning in Genesis 1, after God created everything in heaven and on earth, He gave man dominion over every living thing on earth. In the Bible, there are so many records of God’s spirit of giving. One of the most significant acts of giving was displayed more than 2000 years ago. The Bible records in John 3:16:”For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God gave us His one and only beloved Son, so that we can have an eternal and abundant life. Because of this, we definitely can celebrate!

In order to appreciate the greatness and power of this Gift God has given us, we need to go back to the Old Testament. This Gift is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s all because of Jesus’ death on the Cross and His resurrection, that we can have an intimate relationship with God. In the Old Testament, before God sent Jesus, most people couldn’t have an intimate relationship with God because of sin. In Exodus 29:38-42, every day, the priest had to offer two male lambs that were free from blemish, as a sacrifice for the atonement of the people’s sin. Only appointed people such as the priests could enter into the presence of God to present the offering. All these are because our God is a Holy and Righteous God; hence anyone who is unholy or unrighteous cannot stand before God.

Anything that is not in accordance to the Word of God, and any disobedience to God, is a sin. When Jesus came, He became the Ultimate Sacrifice for all people. Jesus took all our sin, shame, blame, sickness, poverty, lack and all our wrongdoings, when He was at the Cross. Jesus defeated all those strongholds when He died and resurrected. Because Jesus gave His life for us, we are redeemed from the wages of sin, which is death. No wonder, this Gift that God gave to us is so precious and significant. This is definitely the ultimate reason for us to be able to celebrate when we receive this Gift!

The Word of God teaches us in Romans 10:9, “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

Today, if you have not received this Gift of Jesus, I encourage you to do so!  And just as God gave us this precious Gift, we ought to share this Gift with others! It’s a season of giving, and there is no other gift that is as Extravagant, as Precious or as Worthy as our Lord Jesus Christ. Seize this Christmas season to share boldly about Jesus! Let us live out the spirit of giving, to give others an opportunity to know about Jesus and to receive Him in their lives.

Let us pray.

“Gracious and wonderful Father in Heaven, I praise You and thank You for giving me this precious Gift. I thank You for giving us Your precious Son Jesus, so that through Him I can have eternal and abundant life. I open my heart to receive this precious Gift and I commit to be a blessing by sharing this Gift with everyone around me. Thank you, Father. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen!”


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