EMPOWERED! with DisciplesPath

Friday @ 7:30pm
Beginning 8 September 2017

Welcome to THE LIFE.

We invite you to join us to find more about The Life of a Christian according to the Word of God.

Through this series of small group sharing sessions, we are going to take a deeper look at the essential spiritual disciplines and practices that help all believers mature as followers of Christ.

Whether you are a new or established believer, or are still exploring the Christian faith, you are going to benefit from this dynamic yet personal Bible study experience.

The topics in THE LIFE include:

  • Immersed In The Word
  • Connected Through Prayer
  • Living In Community
  • Being Filled With The Spirit
  • Serving One Another
  • Sharing Your Faith

Come on board this journey with us and enjoy a good time of learning and growing.

For further information, please contact:
Ken Lim T: 9654 5274 E: limkh.ken@gmail.com
Larry Chan T: 9457 7321 E: larry.chan11@gmail.com

About Get EMPOWERED! DisciplesPath

This year in 2017, we are taking all of us on an exciting year-long discipleship journey with the Disciples Path series. Conducted in a small group setting, you will not only be empowered by the teaching, you will also enjoy the learning and growing journey together with other members of the group.

Disciples Path is a series of resources founded on Jesus’ model of discipleship. Created by fourteen experienced disciple-making church leaders, it is an intentional path of transformational discipleship to make disciples who make disciples.

Join us every Friday and Get EMPOWERED! with Disciples Path. Whether you are a new believer or have been one for years, you are going to greatly benefit from the biblical principles and practices of discipleship imparted. You are going to grow to be an effective disciple who makes disciples, living out The Great Commission Jesus has given to all His disciples.

In every session, we will study and unpack a passage or two in the Bible, and learn how the truths impact our everyday life. Session by session, we will grow in our knowledge of the Word and in our effectiveness as a disciple who makes disciples.

We are excited about what God is going to do in our lives through Disciples Path series. We are believing for many people to be won for Christ through every participant in this series. We are expecting immense fruits of + One Transformed, the mandate we have at River.

Come on the Disciples Path with us and Get EMPOWERED!.

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