Photo Christie Han

Ms. Christie Han

Being involved in the business of learning and education, I fully appreciate the value of continual development in one’s life. There is no way one can develop to his fullest potential other than by the power of God and His Word. Empowering others through clear teaching of the Word. Bringing the lost to salvation in Christ through showing God’s love and sharing the Gospel. These are what God has called me to for such a time as this.


Edmund Sim

Mr. Edmund Sim

Since I began serving in the worship team at the age of thirteen, my passion to serve the Lord has never stopped growing. It is my heart’s desire to use the talents God has given me in music and worship leading to share the love of Christ to all parts of the world. At River, I am committed to build and lead our CORE: Worship ministry to relentlessly express our love for God, drawing all people to Him through worship. As a Business Development Manager in the marketplace, I believe God is using me to also extend the love of Christ to those I daily encounter with at work.


Ken Glamour Shot

Mr. Ken Lim

I am on an exciting journey serving God in the worship ministry, as well as in discipleship and leading Bible study groups. Worship always draws people closer to God, and the Word transforms people to be who God has purposed them to be. In the marketplace, I hold a senior management position in a leading cyber security company, having a substantial sphere of influence. In God’s Kingdom, I believe He is enabling me to have an even larger influence for His glory.


Ruth Choo 010 copy

Mdm. Ruth Choo

I love God and am passionate about The Great Commission He has given us. I am filled with zeal to reach out to various people in the community and share Christ with them. It is my dream and vision to win souls for Christ, and to disciple them to rise up to fulfill God’s calling in their life. Professionally, I head the finance and administration department in an established company. My workplace has also become my mission field where I actively share Christ.


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